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Hello Mr Tony

                           We are now back in Australia in our home town of Geelong. I would like to thank you and your wife for the wonderful time we had in your lovely country. Our time spent in Vietnam was so much more enjoyable thanks to the kindness that you showed both Helen and l. We were very lucky that we met you both and we have spoken to a lot of our friends about the way you treated us. Thank you also for the kind gift that you gave us on our departure from Hoi An.

                I would like to offer our house and to you both if ever you visit Australia. You can stay with us as long as like. Please come. I have included some photos of our family and friends. You can see

Helen and Uncle Tony

Our daughter Cailin

Our son Simon

Our dog, Thompson

Our other dog Heidi, the little one

Our house at Christmas time with other family members

Our house and cars

And our city, Geelong - In the South of Australia near Melbourne


It would be very nice to stay in touch. We hope you are both well and could you please send us a photo of your new baby when he is born.



Kind regards Helen and Tony Hochreiter


A lot of thanks , to you guys and girls. You make my trip full of emotions.i'm full of you all. Cause you know. When you travel isn't just about places, and foods, but even the soul of all the person you can meet and share time with they. You 'll be always in my mind. Thanks. Thanks a lot. I leave an amazing place. Where everybody dress a smile.Full of story, taste, lovely and to discover.Where the person see your soul, not your way to be, not your cloths brand or your phone brand...where " meet and speak " is real ! Not on a website.A little part of my heart is on Vietnam now. Impossible forgive. You and all the other crazy guys, see you again Viet Nam